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Platanias South Pelion is a beautiful and quiet fishing village. In the summer months
is connected to the island of Skiathos by excursion boats. There is fresh fish all year round and it is
safe harbor for summer meltemia. Mother Nature has endowed the area with
low hills covered with olive groves and orchards, as well as beautiful,
lacy beaches. In this work of nature, man also put his own touches
enriching the surroundings of Platanias with archaeological and religious ruins
of interest that testify to the historicity of the place. In this position it is speculated that it existed
the ancient city of SIPIADA dedicated to Thetis and the Nereids. In terms of tourism
Platanias is at a decent level as it has a sufficient number
mini-markets, bakery, cafes, restaurants, bus connection to Volos
and steamship with Skiathos.
Nevertheless, it remains a wonderful resort with a strong traditional character, which is why
It is preferred by vacationers of all ages who want to be quiet and comfortable
vacation with the possibility of exploration and adventure activities


One-day excursions from Platanias to Skiathos.

2. Sailing boats based in Platanias
Pelion. One-day or multi-day excursions in the Sporades.

3. Sea Taxi from Platanias and
Katigiorgi to Skiathos.

4. Wonderful hiking trails.

5. Platanias – Promyri. An easy,
top beauty route, on a cobbled path that descends next to a ravine with running
water. Distance: 6.1 km. Duration: 2 hours (net travel time 1.45 ́) Altitude: from 233 m.
(beginning) at 285 m. (maximum) at 0 m. (Platanias) Marking: signs, round signs, red
Signs Drinking water on the route: yes (Kanalakia, Ranti) Platanias – Agios Spyridon Monastery
A beautiful circular route. Distance: 10.1 km. Duration: 3.5 hours with stops Altitude: from
0 m. at 363 m. Total ascent / descent: 405 m. Marking: round plates, red
Signs Drinking water on the route: Agios Nikolaos. 6. Many hiking trails and activities
organized by the association Platanias “I SIPIADA” in collaboration with the association “Friends
of the cobbled streets “and the True adventure with actions such as climbing, sup, archery.

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1. Caves of Thetis. The cave of Thetis and Peleas in Pelion is located in a small
beach east of Platanias and is accessible by sea and by footpath. There against
According to tradition, Peleus was found with Thetis and Achilles was born. It is right next door
another deeper sea cave full of bats and wild pigeons, while there is often
and seals inside.

2. Monastery of Agios Spyridon, center of spiritual activity. Rooted in
a green hill between Platanias and Promyri. He was anointed before 1775 as the
and was a secret school during the Turkish occupation. Great activity of the monastery during the years of Ottoman rule. It celebrates the miracle of the Saint on July 12.

3. Panagia i vrontou in Platanias. Byzantine church with wonderful frescoes. It celebrates the 8th of September, the birth of the Virgin Mary.

4. Church of Agioi Anargyroi in Platanias. The church is built on the ruins of ancient tombs. It celebrates July 1 where there is a festival in the village

5. The Trani Fountain in Promyri was built in 1756 by craftsmen from Zoupani. It is one of the oldest fountains in Pelion and has been declared a protected monument, standing out for its size and shape.

6. The church of Panagia of 1760 dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary,
is located on the edge of the village, from where you have a view of the village and the sea and is
representative sample of Pelion architecture, stands out for its remarkable stone carvings
and its impressive hagiographies. It celebrates November 21st but also the 15th of August where
There is also a festival in the square of Promyrio.

7. Museum of Nikolaos Filaretos in Promyri. Promyriot chief with great action during the years of Ottoman rule. In 1854 he proclaimed the revolution in Pelion, inciting the people of Pelion.

8. Archaeological site of Theotokos, at a distance of 2.5 km from Katigiorgis, with the very important church of Panagia Theotokou (1807), which celebrates every year of Zoodochos Pigi. It is built on the ruins of an ancient temple of Artemis, with amazing mosaics. Traces of a castle and ancient tombs have also been found. For the construction of the church has been used material from an early Christian basilica of the 5th century AD. Some researchers believe that it is identified with the city of Sepiada.